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Take a moment to explore our products. You will find some interesting help for some common Lotus Notes issues. SpamSentinel and Help are our most popular products.

Server and Hosted Solutions
Eight years of experience stopping spam lets us offer the same great product delivered three different ways. Customers can mix and match products, or switch between them at any time, or use any combination of products, with no extra fees. All three options provide our high quality 99.6% block rate.

Here are three SpamSentinel is Easy ways to deploy SpamSentinel:
We are taking advantage of our experience stopping spam to offer this service which is the simplest of all current offerings: Block spam with no user quarantines, reports or administrative effort.

Runs with Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange.
Running right on your Lotus Domino server, SpamSentinel stops spam and viruses without purchasing any additional appliances or servers.

Messages are checked during the SMTP connection, before they enter mail.box.
SpamSentinel for Microsoft Exchange runs on Windows Server and checks messages as they are received.

Easy to setup and easy to use, SpamSentinel for Exchange offers an on-premise solution for those not wanting to use a hosted service.

Lotus Notes Sidebar Clients
Super Fast Management of Things you need to Get Done! Read more >>

Share the Best Emails from the Best Writers in Your Organization
Install and immediately start blocking spam, even if your organization runs another filter!

Call tracking, call assignment, call escalation
and Excel reports make this an excellent value. Our "guaranteed installation" takes the risk out of your purchase, and our price is very affordable.

Sentinel is a separate Windows .EXE program that runs from any Notes workstation or server. That means you can start moving data the same day you download Sentinel right from your own desktop! Developers love this feature, as they can "get to work" immediately.

Version 2.0 !

Take any Notes document, even from a design locked database, and paste it into the DocViewer database. All fields in the document are listed alphabetically, with the field type and content of the field.

I found it really useful. I have suggested to three of my friends. Thanks a bunch.
- Arun

It's a neat and very useful piece of software. Much appreciated by several of my colleagues in the Notes Development Team.

- Colin F.

I use the DocViewer regularly and I really like the product. As a matter of fact I will be demoing DocViewer this morning to about 30 Lotus/Domino Admins and Lotus Notes Users at a User's Group meeting in Richmond, VA.
- Richard W.

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