MayFlower Sentinel 6.1« The original Sentinel Data Integrator, originally built in 1993, won the Lotus Beacon Award. The easiest to use data mover on the market, it is also the most versatile. That is why it is called "the Swiss Army Knife" of data movers.

Lotus has awarded us their prestigious Beacon Award. This reflects our achievement of quality, enduring software.

All of our efforts revolve around building the highest quality software possible.

Sentinel Data Integrator is fast and easy to use. There is no need to have an in-house technical guru to use this product. Sentinel is unique because you can run it from your Notes workstation and begin moving data immediately!

Sentinel is a separate Windows .EXE program that runs from any Notes workstation or server. That means you can start moving data the same day you download Sentinel right from your own desktop! Developers love this feature, as they can "get to work" immediately.

Author and Reader Name
Sentinel 6.0 supports multiple author names fields, as well as multiple reader names fields when moving data.

Fast - Sentinel Classic can move over 500,000 records per hour into your internal databases.

Simple to Use - Just fill out a simple Notes form, and run the engine to start pumping data into your Notes databases.

Works with any ODBC source - Sentinel works with whatever ODBC data source you have in your organization. No need to buy special drivers from us.

Works with Your Internal Databases - Sentinel maps all of the fields from any source to tables and fields in your internal database. You do not have to worry that your data formats do not "match" the source formats. Sentinel makes all the conversions.

Integrated Data Dictionary - Sentinel automatically build lists, of all ODBC fields for mapping ODBC field names to Notes field names. This is a great way to get a handle on how to map disparate field names to your good data inside your enterprise.

XML to Notes Task
This new task allows you to read XML data - from either a file like orders.xml or from the internet via a URL, and write that XML into a Notes document. All of the tags are converted to Notes field names. For Example,
is moved to Notes with the field name OrderNumber.

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Multi-value field handling
These tasks allow you to move a single Notes record to multiple destination records in a single task. This is useful if you have a multi-value field in Notes that needs to be "exploded" into individual records.
- Multivalue Notes to ODBC
- Multivalue Notes to Notes

LotusScript Agents Now Supported
LotusScript agent are supported in a new task type. This allows you to run formula agents as before and LotusScript agents, too.

Operating Systems
Sentinel 6.0 has been tested in Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems.

New documentation
Simplified and redone documentation, including examples on key matching, which is our number one problem in tech support.

Hotspot Links
All of the forms have new hotspot links to open source and destination Notes databases. The ODBC forms have links to open the ODBC administrator as well as the Field Mapping database.

ODBC to ODBC task
This new task lets you also manage data where Notes is not part of the picture. This is a popular new addition to Sentinel.
Sentinel Info
Awards - Sentinel is the recipient of the annual Beacon Award... Read More

New Look and Feel
All of the forms in the task database have been redesigned to make it easier to move around all of the forms.
Screen Shots of Sentinel

Read our online user manual for the latest information on using the Sentinel. Read the online Documentation

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