SpamSentinel Sidebar Client for Lotus Notes*
We took our fantastic Lotus Notes SpamSentinel and fit it into the Lotus Notes sidebar!

*Runs on Windows, Macintosh and Linux clients.

No Rules to setup.
Just install and SpamSentinel will immediately start blocking spam, even if your organization runs another filter!

Take back control of your Inbox!
  • Blocks over 99% of Spam
  • Automatically Allows anyone you have ever emailed
  • Allow any Senders you want
  • Block Senders you don't want (even if they are not spam)
  • Moves Spam to Junk folder
  • Deletes "really bad" spam

Lotus Notes Client Version
  • Installs in minutes for your Lotus Notes mailbox
  • Start Blocking and filtering Spam Immediately (Less than 10 minutes from download to when you start fighting back)
  • No need to create huge "block lists". You get that service along with the software.
  • Blocks over 99% of Spam

    *Requires Notes 8.5.2 or higher.áRuns on Windows, Macintosh and Linux clients.

    How do we do it?
    We catalog all known Spam! Sound impossible? It's not. We catch over 1 billion unique messages per day.

    Think of Spam Protection like Virus Protection.
    We protect against Spam the same way you protect against viruses - we list known millions of Spam signatures.

  • Domino Server Version
    Our SpamSentinel stops Spam at your SMTP gateway or Domino mail server.
  • Easiest anti-spam filter to install (20 minute install)
  • Uses a web service listing all known spam, so you do not have to enter email address and domains
  • Stops and quarantines all Spam at the Domino server
  • Use with Domino RBL blocking for over 99% blocking.

    Need to try it first?
    Are you doing an evaluation for your organization for an anti-spam product?
    Then download a 30 day evaluation that you will want to buy after just 5 days of using it!
    Looking for a server version?
    w do we do it?

    SpamSentinel Sidebar Client license cost is $49.00 per user annually, including subscription, maintenance and upgrades. Volume pricing is available for 10 or more users.á
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    Customer Review

    More Comments
    "The install was a piece of cake, and yes I'm very impressed with it so far. Yours is definitely the most functional anti-spam software for Lotus Notes that I've demoed so far. Nice job!"
    Joe B, System Engineer

    "We are satisfied with the product, and would like to place an initial order for two licenses"
    Jim S

    "Can I get the full version? I HATE having that spam still in my mail box, yuck :-(D

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