Notes Document Viewer Version 2.0

Why are we giving away this Lotus Notes template for free? Because that is the best way to see the quality and creativity of our work.


The MayFlower DocViewer is a really simple but cool piece of software. Take any Notes document, even from a design locked database, and paste it into the DocViewer database. All fields in the document are listed alphabetically, with the field type and content of the field.

See a screen shot of a DocViewer page. All of the back-end fields are visible alphabetically.
    It also shows the actual values of the field as stored in the Notes document, and not a computed value that may appear on the form.
      Rich text is displayed as formatted.

      Download it now! It's free!

      Typical uses are for developers to understand and view the actual content of a Notes document.
      • Printing all of the fields and contents of one or more Notes documents (try doing that with the Property Box!)
      • If you have "inherited" a database, this can help.
      • If you have a database that is design locked, this can help see the contents and field names.
        • If you have a database with a lot of fields, this can help see all fields alphabetically.

        Version 2.0 Features

        Field Filters: Show only the fields that you want to see on a form, not all fields.
        This is great for printing a subset of the document.

        Easy view columns: Pick 3 fields that you want to see data from (including rich text and multi-value fields) and the data appears auto-magically!

        Printing Improvements: Print with or without the ------ line separators. No advertisements on printed pages.

        Save Filters: You can save your filters and use them for multiple copies of this database. I have over 12 copies running for all different purposes.

        You must have the Lotus Notes client installed on your computer in order to use DocViewer

        Full Screen Shot of DocViewer
        User Comments
        Frank, your DocViewer is an Awsome piece of work. I have used it several
        times and each time it has provided exactly what I wanted to know about the
        document. Thanks for a Job well done.
        - Chuck

        The doc viewer is excellent. I used it for an app that had its design hidden.
        - Riyaz

        I recently started using DocVIewer and it is a great time saver. I really
        like this tool.

        I found it really useful. I have suggested to three of my friends. Thanks a bunch.
        - Arun
        Tell me what you like or do not like about this product. What would you change?
        Created by Frank Paolino

        Source Code
        Source Code can be provided so that developers can customize the software to meet their specific requirements.

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