Hosted SpamSentinel
No Quarantines & No Administration
Just Clean Mail

This service lets you outsource your spam and virus protection with a simple MX redirect to our servers. Email will pass through our filters and be delivered a few seconds later.

Users will receive clean mail. Add in our network redundancy and you will be sure to receive your mail, even if your server is down for a period of time. When it is back up running again, our servers will connect and send all the waiting good messages.

No installation, just an MX record redirect which can be done in the same day your request it.
Stops spam and viruses at our hosted servers, only sends the good mail
Store and forward if your Lotus Domino or Microsoft Exchange server is down.

The easiest offering for your users
We are taking advantage of our experience stopping spam to offer this service which is the simplest of all current offerings: Block spam with no user quarantines, reports or administrative effort.
  • Stop spam and Viruses before they enter your organization
  • High quality 99.6% block rate
  • Convenience of a hosted service (via MX redirect).
  • Compatible with Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange.
  • Cleans mail and delivers only Valid Mail to the end user.

How Do We Stop Spam?

SpamSentinel uses two engines that work together to identify spam and viruses. One engine uses a community of 10 million people who "know spam when they see it". Another engine uses advanced pattern recognition to detect spam. The result is a blocking rate of 99.6% before the messages reach your internal mail servers!

We want you out of the Spam Business! We block spam so you don't have to! This means that Hosted SpamSentinel fixes your spam problem as soon as you redirect the MX record.

No Software Required - Our hosted service cleans your email and delivers only the good messages immediately, completely eliminating any time you spend monitoring spam.


How to Use our MBE (Manage By Example) addon to Lotus Notes or Outlook to avoid False Positives and Daily Reporting

  • SpamSentinel rates all spam as "Undecided Mail" or 100% spam. "Undecided Mail" accounts for 4% of all spam, or about 8 messages per person per day. SpamSentinel Mail Security Service redirects this "Undecided Mail" to your JunkMail or Spam folder. If SpamSentinel makes a mistake (a false positive) it will be in this category, and end users can easily retrieve it locally without involving help desk or administrative staff.
  • Mobile Device users are not alerted to messages in this folder, so they are not annoyed by bulk mail messages.

Stop Email Viruses BEFORE they enter your organization!
  • SpamSentinel automatically checks all of your mail messages for viruses, malware and phishing attacks, before they enter your organization!
  • We use three different anti-virus checks.
  • Two different Zero-hour anti-virus technologies to ensure we stop new threats before they are generally known.
  • A traditional file scanning check for known threats

More Reasons to Switch
  • Bandwidth usage, server processing and disk storage are all reduced.
  • Delay times 3-5 seconds from sending to delivery.
  • Accuracy is so high that Whitelists and Blacklists are not needed.
  • We handle name lookups without you sending your employee list to us.
  • We strip off 96% of your spam before you ever see it.
  • We hold mail if your Lotus Domino or Microsoft Exchange server is down.

Service Level Agreement
  • Our Terms and Conditions and Service Level Agreement are available in the following pdf
Terms and Conditions.pdf

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Attention Postini Customers
Don't want to transition to Google Apps?
We offer painless switching our hosted offering.

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30 Day Hosted Trial
Try our hosted product for free for 30 days.

The pricing is based on the number of users in your organization. Volume pricing begins at 6 seats.

For a price quote, please call and ask for Allison Cote at (978) 635-1700.

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