Agenda Sidebar App for Lotus Notes*
Super Fast Management of Things you need to Get Done!

Most of the items we have to do in our day come into our email accounts and therefore we need to track them using a fast, light-weight approach.

The problem with the To-Do system and the Calendar system is that they require definite dates and are way
too heavy for ordinary items, meaning too much effort is required to maintain them. Agenda is designed for the 50% of the ordinary, ad-hoc things we have to do every single day, small things like send a PDF, reply with more info, call someone, etc. The smaller the item, the less you are inclined to make a "to-do" item out of it, and the higher the chance it will "fall through the cracks" which means you will disappoint someone, either inside your organization or outside, like a customer.

Agenda is a
super-light replacement to the piece of notebook paper on your desk that has daily items that need your attention. The effort to maintain that list, and transcribe it every day means you have to do a lot of writing to maintain this, too. Agenda is always in the side of your Lotus Notes client, directly connected to your email for quick, easy adding or removing of items.

Works with All Notes Databases
Best of all, Agenda works with all Notes database, so you can make reminders of anything that needs your attention!

*Runs on Windows, Macintosh and Linux clients.

How does it work?

Agenda lets you manage your daily work by simply dragging emails into two buckets: Today and Later.

Once you have decided your priorities, you can then move the items up or down the bucket, or drag between buckets. You can edit the items if you want.... ... or create items from scratch, too! Once items are complete, click the red X and they disappear.

This is a great way to keep items from falling through the cracks, and disappointing coworkers and customers by forgetting to perform work that you promised.

Here is a 2 minute video of Agenda in use (video looks best in full screen mode):

To download Agenda and try it, click here:

Agenda is a product of MayFlower Software.

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Agenda Sidebar Client license cost is $49 per user annually, including maintenance and upgrades. Volume pricing is available for 10 or more users.á

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