Help Desk Overview
MayFlower made some of the first Help Desk products in the United States in 1984. Our first customers included Ames department stores, Cumberland Farms stores, TJ Maxx (read about TJ Maxx) , Valvoline Instant Oil Change Centers and Marshalls. Since then, we have moved our help desk to the Lotus Notes environment, adding customers like Avid Technology and CTC communications. Our Help Desk Products provide dependable information-sharing capabilities in the feature-rich environment of Lotus Notes.

To see a sample of the Valvoline Help Desk that we built in MS DOS in 1993, click here.

This product provides Help Desk Managers with essential Help Desk functionality including call logging, problem identification, escalation, call history, and resolution with an easy-to-use, button-driven interface to ensure accurate information capture and reduce training time. An Examples Lookup Database is provided with the Help Desk Application to ensure that you are in production as soon as possible.

IS departments use our Help Desk product to create Help Desk Requests. These requests are reviewed by Help Desk Staffers and assigned to IS Support Personnel for resolution. This product is useful to IS organizations that assign tickets to IS technicians who solve and close them.

Multi-unit retailers with hundreds of stores use our Help Desk to provide fast and accurate support for the many different types of problems they are called to assist on. Lookup Templates for store information, equipment inventories, key codes and other useful information is provided with the product.

Help Desk Reporting Tool
MayFlower Help Desk comes with a reporting tool to let each help desk staffer know what calls are still open each morning.

We use Microsoft Excel to report call volume and call percentage breakdown. In addition, we mail "Open call reminders" to everyone who has been assigned a call.
Sample Pie Chart of Problem Types

Download a sample report (in a Notes mail message) here:
Sharing Help Desk Problems among Staffers
You can share help desk problems across departments, divisions or globally. Notes replication features allow you to better coordinate calls across your organization.

Our Help Desk Products allows call status information to be disseminated and available to End Users. Individuals who need to check the status of a problem can open the Notes database and check, saving an “FYI” phone call. Notes handy Mail Enable feature further extends this capability by providing notification of status and resolution.

Customize your Help Desk
Our “Custom-fit” program allows us to tailor our Help Desk to fit your exact needs. Many of our customers use a combination of one server license of the help desk and 5 days of installation, configuration and modifications. If you have a specific requirement for your Help Desk, phone us at (978) 635-1700 or leave a message.
Notes / Domino Version Requirements

Please note that the Mayflower Help Desk product requires the use of Notes clients and a Domino server version 6.0 or higher.
Reporting via Excel
We use Microsoft Excel to report call volume and call percentage breakdown. In addition, we mail "Open call reminders" to everyone who has been assigned a call.
Sample Pie Chart of Problem Types

Try it Out!
We use our own Help Desk software right here! Click here to log a Help Desk call.

Try out the fully functional evaluation copy of the Help Desk for yourself. We know you will like what you see.
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Source Code
Source Code is provided so that developers can customize the software to meet their specific requirements at the time of install as well as on an on going basis. An extremely cost effective approach to a customized solution

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