It's like Einstein....Managing your Inbox

Core Functionality

InboxGenius controls email clutter by separating out important organization mail from newsletters, spam, and unknown senders.

InboxGenius protects your Inbox with three layers of protection. A message must pass through all of these layers before it is allowed into your Inbox:

Layer 1Junk
Layer 2Newsletters
Layer 3Read Later (Unknown Senders)
Layer 4Inbox (clean and uncluttered)

Result: Inbox only contains messages from your organization or people that you know!

Less Alert Notifications on iPhone and Android

With Inbox Genius, your iPhone or Android will only alert you for Inbox email messages. When you are in an important meeting "peeking" at your phone, you won't be looking at a notification for a spam message or for a newsletter. You will only be notified for Inbox notifications, which only contain organizational messages or messages from people you know.

Total User Control

Using our Manage By Example technology, InboxGenius "monitors" four folders for user drag and drop activity, and creates preference documents based on the latest example that the user performs. It is all invisible to the user, and way simpler than creating and managing stacks of rules!


InboxGenius lets your organization fully control email flow patterns to support organizational goals and priorities.

For example, you could use it to change the Out of Office reply functionality to avoid replying to spam, external or internal senders, and to copy other staff on messages to OOO employees. This enables, for example, a sales person to forward to another internal staff all messages for 100% coverage.

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