You purchased software and you have a right to have it work.

When you contact other support organizations (not ours!):
  • Do they make you feel like a clown?
  • Do you have to wait 24 to 48 hours for a support callback?
  • Do support NOT give you their name?
  • Do you have to call back to the queue each time?
  • Do they NOT give their email addresses?
  • Do they NOT give their cell phone numbers?

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Allison Cote


Email Allison Cote(978) 635-1335

Frank Paolino


Nick McCann


Jason Baird


Dan Calkin


We often arrive early and work late to accommodate our maintenance customers worldwide. If you know you will need support on a certain day (for a product installation, for example), call us in advance and someone will stay late or arrive early to accommodate your needs. You can contact our support team:

You can share your screen with our support staff so we can troubleshoot any installation problems that you have.
We utilize this "screen sharing" technology to coordinate product reviews, product installations and to support our maintenance customers. To request a support key during business hours, click the link below.
United States
Jason Baird(440) 222-7729
Nick McCann(978) 635-1700
Dan Calkin(978) 764-6131

Nick McCann
Cell Phone
+44 7919 205856

Contact Names & EMail Addresses

EMailOffice Phone Number
Contact Jason Baird(978) 635-1700
Contact Nick McCann(978) 635-1700
Contact Dan Calkin
Contact Allison Cote
(978) 635-1700
(978) 635-1335

Alternate phone number for our United States Office:

(978) 631-2101

You can log a support call for any of our products. To log a Help Desk call for any of our products.
People who are evaluating our Help Desk for purchase can also enter calls. Please remember that these calls are read by our support staff as you test the live system.

To test SpamSentinel, we created a self-service tool that will send between 1 and 5 spam messages and one Eicar test virus.
Sometimes, customers need to upload files from servers that do not have email. If this is the case, you can do that by clicking this link:

Support Testimonial
"I just wanted to take a moment and tell you about the outstanding customer service experience I just had with Chris Rich...He spent 3 hours cleaning and trouble shooting a second problem which clearly went beyond the realm of what he was required to do. Not once did he complain that it "wasn't his job" or leave me to try and figure the mess out by myself. I always felt completely confident in his ability and was grateful to have someone so dedicated to making sure I was completely satisfied with the way my application was working."

Read the entire Customer Testimonial ...

EMail Harvesting
Notice that we are not afraid to put our email addresses on our website, as SpamSentinel blocks nearly 100% of harvested email address spam!

You should also feel comfortable again listing your email addresses on your website, so your customers and partners can reach you.

"Thanks! I don't know how big your company is but I can tell you that some of the big companies in the world could learn a thing or two about your great support service! "

Samuel Jonasson, CAOZ
ReykjavÝk, ICELAND


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