Verisend Good Mail Identifier

Right in the O365 Inbox.

Verisend: Verisend is an MS365 email app that adds an sixth layer of protection to the email security stack.

CISOs need all the help they can get protecting the financial assets of an organization from ransomware thieves as well as the disruption caused by a successful attack. The power of this sixth layer is in its ability involve the user in threat protection by providing critical information about an email to the user, in a timely manner, at the point of attack which is in the Inbox.

Start Protecting Your Users Today

We offer an annual per-user subscription with a 30 day guarantee that you will find the software useful in stopping BEC.

Verisend installs in the Microsoft 365 tenant as an app and can be deployed to a group or the entire organization. We recommend installing it for everyone, as the attackers will search out vulnerable users and exploit that vulnerability.

Pricing for our Sixth Layer of Security is based on user volume.

Per user per year
 $   50.00
 $   46.00
 $   40.50
 $   36.50
 $   32.75

For enterprise customers with greater than 10,000 users, Telecom and Microsoft Managed Service Provider Partners, call us for a quote.

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Identifying the Good Mail to Protect your Users and Protect your Organization

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