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Super Fast Management of Things you need to Get Done!

Most of the items we have to do in our day come into our email accounts and therefore we need to track them using a fast, light-weight approach.

Agenda is always in the side of your Lotus Notes client, directly connected to your email for quick, easy adding or removing of items.

Canned Reply
Canned Reply
Create Consistent, High Quality Replies FAST!

Canned Replies lets you create routine emails in 30 seconds!

Pick from a list of existing replies that contain rich text and graphics for consistent, quality, professional emails!

SpamSentinel Client App
SpamSentinel Client App
Just install and SpamSentinel will immediately start blocking spam, even if your organization runs another filter!

  • Blocks over 99% of Spam
  • Block Senders you don't want (even if they are not spam)
  • Moves Spam to Junk folder
  • Deletes "really bad" spam

Reply Watcher-
Alerts for Unanswered Messages
We all send emails that require a response, but there is no fast and easy way to monitor if we ever get a reply to that important message.

Reply Watcher allows you to:

  • Drag messages from your Sent folder to the Reply Watcher app for monitoring.
  • Set a day (and time) when you want to be notified.
  • When messages are overdue, Reply Watcher sends an email with Overdue Reminder.
  • Clicking on the name creates an RSVP reminder letter.
  • Works with all Mobile Devices to create the same RSVP reminder with one click !!!

Inbox App Watch your Inbox while you are Outside of Notes!
Keeping an "eye" on the Inbox is important, but it soon becomes an obsession!

With Inbox App, you can watch just your "Preferred Senders", which are people in your Organization, people in your contact list and people that you have sent mail to.

This eliminates noise from Spam, Newsletters and Unknown senders (they are always in your mailfile if you want to check that once a day).
About the
Software Innovation Lab
IBM Notes has made the sidebar area available to extend the functionality of Notes.

This is an awesome idea and our Software Innovation Lab is actively creating new Apps that make IBM Notes work better.

Here on this page are just 3 examples of how we are helping companies continue to leverage their investment in IBM Notes.

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