Canned Reply Sidebar Client for Lotus Notes
Create Consistent, High Quality Replies FAST!

    Canned Replies let you use and share standard paragraphs to create email.

    Create a new memo, address it, then put the cursor where you want it.

    Click "Canned Replies" from the Mail Enhancement menu, use a wildcard and part of the title, and select the paragraph you want. It is then "pasted" into the mail message, with rich text and graphics.

    Hit send and you are done in less than 30 seconds.

Videos Explaining Various Use Cases for Canned Reply

  • Law firm
  • CPA and Accounting Firm
  • Help Desk
  • Sales Desk
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Canned Replies lets you create routine emails in 30 seconds!

Pick from a list of existing replies that contain rich text and graphics for nice looking emails!

Take your organizational knowledge and share it via our "Canned Reply" sidebar.

Now you can reply directly from the knowledge base via our Sidebar App and have fast, uniform, quality replies every time!

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Quick Specs
Runs on Lotus Notes 8.5

Operating System:
Windows, Macintosh and Linux


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