Reply Watcher Sidebar App for Lotus Notes*
Monitors your Inbox for Missed Replies

We all send emails that require a response, but there is no fast and easy way to monitor if we EVER get a reply to that important message. You have better things to do with your time.

Reply Watcher allows you to drag messages from your SENT folder to the Reply Watcher sidebar for monitoring.

You can set a day (and time) when you want to be NOTIFIED.

Fast forward and replies to these messages are now overdue.

When messages are overdue, Reply Watcher sends an email with OVERDUE REMINDERS. Clicking on the name creates that same RSVP reminder letter.

When you are using your Mobile device, you can read the same OVERDUE REMINDERS message and generate the same RSVP reminder with one click !!!

Reply Watcher Sidebar Client license cost is $49 per user annually, including maintenance and upgrades. Volume pricing is available for 10 or more users.á
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