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MayFlower Software

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Running right on your Lotus Domino server, SpamSentinel stops spam, viruses, attachments and Ransomware without purchasing any additional appliances or servers. Expect 99.5% block rate.
MayFlower prides itself on customer service. Call their support line and see for yourself!

Looking for a Hosted solution? Our Hosted SpamSentinel cloud service is available here: Hosted SpamSentinel

Looking for anti-spam running on your Lotus Notes Client? Our Sidebar SpamSentinel is available here: Sidebar SpamSentinel

Product Reviews

SpamSentinel is rated 5 out of 5 based on 54 user reviews.

Average Customer Review: 5.0
(54 customer reviews)
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View profile for Nasir Billoo Spam Sentinel does a good job blocking spam
Nasir Billoo ( Kaba Workforce Solutions )

Spam Sentinel does a good job blocking spam in Lotus Notes. It has been very reliable at blocking spam several categories of spam for us. The support from the company is excellent, they were very helpful in answering all my questions.

SpamSentinel is great, now using MBE
Malcolm Searle ( Clear Thinking Software )

We've been Notes users since 1998 and SpamSentinel users since 2004 and I wouldn't be without it, it runs so well and 'invisibly' that sometimes I think we should turn it off one day a year just so we can re-appreciate the fantastic job it does! It's also very reasonably priced and the UK support is first rate. As a late adopter of iPhone & Notes Traveler, I've recently started to appreciate MBE which has filtered out all the newsletters and junk that I don't need to see until I get back to my desk. This has meant that only important and relevant email comes through to my phone and has meant less distractions, a clever and thoughtful addition to SpamSentinel. Well done Mayflower!

View profile for Mark Wakefield SpamSentinel and Domino a winning combination
Mark Wakefield ( HiComp, LLC )

You know, it's funny (and a little sad), but I don't see a lot of companies adopting Lotus Domino and Notes. I never miss an opportunity to tell customers and prospects that we recommend Lotus Domino on System i and Mayflower Software's SpamSentinel as our groupware platform of choice. What people don't understand is how well this runs with very little administration. I think many companies end up with Exchange because the younger IT generation has encountered it, as well as other Windows apps, in their training, and it's what they know and are comfortable with. The sad part is how much administration is required and the number of workers needed to manage that environment compared to Domino and Notes. The clients I have using Domino and SpamSentinel have very few administrators, and the IT staff they do have spend their time on other tasks; Domino just runs. Wouldn't it be nice if IBM marketed the product better?

View profile for Tom Adkins We installed SpamSentinel and never looked back!
Tom Adkins ( Riverside Manufacturing Company )

After our initial testing phase, we trusted SpamSentinel so well that we chose to auto-delete Class C and Class D spam. Over the years since then, we have NEVER had a single user complain about our choice in this matter. Our users only rarely need help with quarantine related issues. When this rare call comes in, we have a variety of methods at our disposal to provide help. Normally, we can provide help over the phone and answer the question immediately. SpamSentinel is still one of the best software tools we have ever purchased. The MayFlower Software company, its employees, and the culture they have created are pretty cool too! I am always amazed at how they never tire of providing customer delight along with their excellent software.

Absolutely the best software vendor anywhere
W. Todd Sneed ( nHance Technologies )

Other software vendors can take a lesson from these guys. The product works, and they go above and beyond making sure you're updates are smooth and working correctly. Even proactive support. I've received support calls because they noticed a significant change in the amount of spam received. These guys are great.

View profile for Iraj Tehrani For Lotus Notes a MUST.
Iraj Tehrani ( The Ahrenkiel Group )

SpamSentinel is reliable, flexible, comfortable, saves administrative time and the SUPPORT, oh my God such a helpful one I wished since last 30 years in my IT profession.

View profile for Rolf-Thore Johansen Fast and Secure
Rolf-Thore Johansen ( Moderne Byggfornyelse AS, Oslo, Norway )

After running SpamSentinel for several years on our SMTP Domino Server, I am well satisfied. At 23 to 24. March 2009 the police all over Norway "went down" by Spam attac. On our SMTP server running SpamSentinel there was 75 mill. mails sorted out as SPAM. We did not notice anything special, up and running as always. I am happy to recommend Spam Sentinel as Spamfilter app

Excellent antispam software for Domino
Paul Bracewell ( Nickleby & Co Ltd )

We have been using it for several years now and it works seamlessly and the support from Mayflower is very good. Would recommend to anyone with a Domino server looking for their spam problems to go away.

Switched to hosted spam
Will Opdyke ( J.C. White Office Furniture )

SpamSentinel has run on our mail server since its initial install. Looking to take some of the load off my aging mail server I began talking to MayFlower about hosting it on their server. With no additional cost to my company, a reduced load on my server, and gaining some additional features it was a win win. Chris in support always goes above and beyond to help his customers and with his unsurpassed knowledge of SpamSentinel and Lotus Domino it was a seamless transition. Being the only I.T. person for my company I had very little time to get this done. Other than tweaking some settings after the switchover it was quick and painless. Myself and my mail server say thank-you. Will J.C. White Office Furniture

View profile for Tanzeel Tahir Excellent Software - No need for an admin
Tanzeel Tahir ( SPAN Trading LLC )

Easy - Reliable - User Friendly - NO ISSUES at all .. Thats all i have to say for SPAMSENTINEL .. makes my life easier as im handling 80 users.

Wins the "BEST Application Award" in the organization year in and year out
Malik Burns ( PrimeEnergy Management Corp )

and support is bar none the best I've ever experienced. Nothing but excellent thing to say here. Thanks MayFlower and thanks to all the support guys. Keep up the outstanding work!!

View profile for Adam Conner Incredibly Reliable, No Heavy Management, Support is THE BEST
Adam Conner ( JM Wilson Corporation )

SpamSentinel is the Steal Curtain of spam blocking software. You'd never think that such a solid product could be so self-sufficient, not to mention so easy to manage. This is truly an out-of-site out-of-mind product and that's exactly how I want my anti-spam software to run. SpamSentinel's support is top-notch. First off, I don't think I've ever waited on the phone to talk to someone....ever. The support staff is friendly, professional and very knowledgeable of their product and Domino environments. I highly recommend this product to anyone administering a Domino environment.

View profile for Toni Kolenc Once you use it, don't want to try another one
Toni Kolenc ( 3K IT )

We are using SpamSantinel for Domino for 2 years now. First impression on using SpamSentinel when upgrading from Symantec product was awesome. Suddenly all inbox stopped receiving spam. One of biggest advantages is also that basically it takes care of itself or MayFlower stuff will inform you that upgraded will be done automatically.

Why can't all products have Customer Service like this?
Kenny Fraser ( Scotframe Timber Engineering Ltd.. )

Spam Sentinel is the only anti spam software I have used, so as an actual product I have little to compare it with. It actually does what it says on the tin (web site) with very few problems, so it gives me no reason to think about change. What really influences me in its continuing use is the Customer Service. The customer interaction with Mayflower is far and beyond anything I have experienced before. The key is, I believe, that the team are extremely proactive. It's as if they are keeping an eye on things alongside you. Any query is answered and resolved very quickly and in a positive and personal manner too. To me they feel as if they really care (which they probably do). Their Customer Service sets the benchmark against which I compare other companies to. With few exceptions(I have to mention Citrix as being an exception)I find that a great number of companies have a lot of catching up to do and should seek to aspire to the levels of service that Mayflower give. So keep up the good work Mayflower - you should be proud of yourselves (however don't go resting on your laurels now)

Spam Sentinel is a very good product.
metin çetin ( Abank )

Our company have about 1200 Domino users and We have used the Spam Sentinel for 3 years. The Spam Sentinel is a very good product and their support is excellent.

Unsurpassed Product & Service
Don Phillips ( Bay Sales, Inc. )

Over a period of approximately 14 years, in 2 companies, we have run a Domino Server and Lotus Notes. While originally we used a product designed specifically to run on the Domino Server from a major supplier we found it to demand a high level of resources. MayFlower brought their SpamSentinel product to our attention and after our due diligence we migrated to SpamSentinel and quickly became very pleased and never looked back. MayFlower was constantly improving on a great product and provided unsurpassed customer and technical support when needed. We would strongly recommend SpamSentinel and MayFlower based on our experience and satisfaction.

Best customer service in the universe, no kidding!
Keith Mason ( DFA Capital Management Inc. )

Truly, the best customer service ever. We had a sporadic problem receiving emails that was ultimately the fault of one of our servers. MayFlower support people were not only incredibly responsive, they worked literally around the clock until the problem was solved. There is no expectation you can have of a company that this company cannot meet!

View profile for Pascal Ruelle Trop bien !!!
Pascal Ruelle ( Cephinet )

J'utilise Spamsentinel et le recommande mes clients depuis plusieurs annes maintenant. Ce produit ne fait que se bonifier au fur et mesure des versions. L'quipe commerciale est particulirement sympa et agrable et ce qui ne gche rien, l'quipe support est rellement trs performante. Il y a normment de qualit chez Maysoft. J'ai rarement trouv une telle qualit de service chez d'autres diteurs. Je ne suis pas prt de changer d'antispam/antivirus pour Domino. Bravo toute l'quipe.
I useSpamSentinelandrecommend ittomyclientsforseveralyears now. Thisproductcontinues to improvefrom version toversion. Thesales teamisparticularlyniceandpleasantand added to that, the support teamisextremely capable. There is a lotofqualityatMaysoft. I haverarelyfoundsuch aquality ofserviceby other publishers. I'mnotgoing to changeantispam/antivirusfor Domino. Congratulationstoall of the team.

View profile for Edwin Jones Great Product even better Company
Edwin Jones ( Edwin Jones Co. )

We have used SS for years and it is GREAT! The product has worked flawlessly for us. The only thing better is the cusotmer and technical support. If every supplier was like MayFlower how much easier our life wold be

Excellent AntiSpam and Customer Support
Nadine Rajkumar ( Northdoor plc )

We've used SpamSentinel for over 3 years now with very little issues. The product installation and administration is very easy and the product does what it says on the box. It stops the majority of unwarranted mail. Best of all, the customer service is unparalleled. Highly recommended for anyone using IBM Lotus Domino and Notes.

View profile for Bill Sanderson Great Product for Domino Email
Bill Sanderson ( AB Software LLC )

I have been using SpamSentinel with the added Virus Scanner option for 3 years. The product works great and takes little admin time to manage. I would recommend this solution for any Domino Email System. you will see spam drop 99% when you start using SpamSentinal. The sale and support staff are available should you need them. Allison in Sales and Chris in support have been great for always being there if a question came up. Thanks Bill Sanderson AB SOFTWARE LLC

Very good soft with exellent support
Vladimir Vaseyko ( does not matter )

When I came to a new company, I saw SpamSentinel for the first time. Actually, it just working, It is very clear for admin and for users. I think it's best native solution for Domino. I was really impressed with a support - it is very usefull and friendly. Guys, if you'll be in my country - let me know - I'll take you a beer!

View profile for Brian Neumeier Best Spam product for the price
Brian Neumeier ( PJ United Inc )

Not only is the product great, but the customer service is exceptional. I had a server crash, and as soon as it was back up, their tech reinstalled Spam Sentinel and tuned our server for optitimal perfomance. Best product and company ever.

View profile for Sergey Terekhin Convenient makeweight to SpamSentinel
Sergey Terekhin ( JSC RTSoft )

It what didn't suffice in SpamSentinel, we use with pleasure. Now MBE support Russian language. Thanks!

Highly effective spam filter
Ivar Barstad ( Ivar Barstad )

We have now fully replaced our third party spam filter in favour of an inhouse installation of SpamSentinel. It is more effective, is easier to administer and the support from MayFlower is top notch. This is a great solution for all Lotus Domino users!

View profile for Jiri Vanicek Great system
Jiri Vanicek ( KONFIRM )

SpamSentinel is great, in fact I forgot we have this system :-)) because we have no problems with spams and SpamSentinel is not "seen".. :-)) in our system.

View profile for Gary Taylor Have Lotus Domino, SpamSentinel is a must.
Gary Taylor ( Yaskawa Electric America )

We've been a SpamSentinel customer for quite a long time. Our users have become accustomed to receiving no Spam email in their inbox. If you do run into a problem, their support is fantastic! Would recommend this product to anyone using IBM Lotus Domino/Notes.

View profile for Daniel Ribeiro Simplesmente Funciona!
Daniel Ribeiro ( Flexitex )

O Spam Sentinel fez-me esquecer de vez o terror do spam que recebia todos os dias! Bastou instalar a verso servidor, definir um ou outro parmetro e depois eu e toda a empresa passamos a receber apenas os emails que realmente interessam. (A verso servidora no nosso caso tem uma mdia de bloqueio na ordem dos 99.6%) sem margem para duvida um produto excepcional!
Just Works!
Spam Sentinel made me forget the times terrorized by the spam received every day!It was enough to install the server, set one or other parameter, and then I spent the entire company to receive only the emails that really matter.(The server version in our case has an average block of around 99.6%) is no room for doubt an exceptional product!

View profile for Ennio Prase il pi bel prodotto Antispam per IBM Domino \ Notes
Ennio Prase ( Prase Engineering )

la nostra azienda cliente di Maysoft gi da 5 anni ed abbiamo sempre avuto la possibilt di lavorare con successo senza grandi problemi di SPAM grazie al loro Spam Sentinel. ci tengo anche a sottolineare che il Team di supporto di Maysoft non secondo a nessuno, massima disponibilt ed a qualsiasi ora del giorno e dalla notte, nei pochi casi di difficolt ci hanno sempre tirato fuori dai "guai" (di solito non dipendenti dal loro prodotto) e si sono sempre prodigati anche per dare suggerimenti su come amministrare il serve Domino al meglio. che dire......prodotto e servizio di eccellente qualit!
Grazie Maysoft
Ennio Prase \ CEO of Prase Engineering, Venice - Italy

The Best Antispam Product for IBM Domino \ Notes

Our company is a customer of Maysoft for 5 years and have always had the possibility to work successfully without any major problems due to SPAM thanks to their Spam Sentinel. I want also to emphasize that the support team at Maysoft is second to none, with maximum availability at any time day and night. In the few cases of difficulty we have always pulled out of "trouble" (usually not because on their product) and they have always lavished tips on how to administer Domino servers better..... What else is there to say ... product and service of excellent quality!
Thanks Maysoft

The Best Product of it's Type on the Market
Deborah Hamlin ( City of Perry, Georgia )

I can't say enough about SpamSentinel! From the product itself to the support no other can compare. Anytime I have contacted support the response for instantaneous and professional. I highly recommend Maysoft and SpamSentinel to anyone looking for this type of solution. Keep up the good work Maysoft!

View profile for Doug Hancock Time for the more important things
Doug Hancock ( Softnet Computer Services )

We have been using Spam Sentinel Server for many years. Even though we only have 5 active mail boxes, SS has blocked just under 5 million spam messengers. That's 95%. Imagine how much time I've had available for the more important things in life. Even time to post this review.

View profile for Diane Nicolas-Alconaba A++ Product and Support
Diane Nicolas-Alconaba ( Heights Management Company )

We've been using this product in our company for years now. Right from the start it's been a big help. Spams blocked. Viruses. You name it. Updates to the product is automatic and you won't need any intervention. What's good with this product is their support. They answer quick. Web support. Emails. They answer all your questions even if it's not related to the problem, which their product hardly gets. Best support ever. I can't compare it to any company. They are always there for you and go out of their way to follow up and close the issue. Thanks again. Buy this!!!

View profile for Mavis Moon The support is excellent!
Mavis Moon ( Pivot Interiors )

We've been using SpamSentinel from MayFlower Software for several years now. The product has continued to get better and better. Having a Notes-based solution has made things very easy. Once it was installed on our server it just worked. MayFlower does the updates remotely so I really don't have to worry about it. When I need tech support, MayFlower really shines. I love the ability to go to their web page, select a rep online, share my screen and get my problem solved. It's a beautiful thing.

Impeccable software + Impeccable customer service
Benoit Doiron ( Micro Action )

I have owned and operated a small IT firm for almost two decades. We have gone through lots of products and lots of cies within that time (not talking just anti-spam tools here but rather all IT products and services). The best way to sum up how we feel about Maysoft (makers of SpamSentinel) is by saying this : One of the things we do to improve our own practices is to take note and emulate the practices of companies that we feel are truly exceptional. We don't have many logged as role models yet Maysoft is one of them. I think that says it all. On a technical note : SpamSentinel's approach to Spam (by using a Spam fighting community of people called SpamNet and not just relying on technical algorithms) is much wiser and yields much better results and absence of false positives than almost any other spam fighting tool. Benoit Doiron, P.Eng.

Superior Product
Bob Olson ( American Administrators )

We've used this product for over 3 years, and found it to be one of the best in managing the volumes of spam that come in. The end users particularly like the reporting of what was caught in the filters and the ability to determine what to white list if needed. Administratively, it's a snap to manage, and requires very little interaction... Bob Olson Manager, Information Technology

WOW - No better Product or Support Available
Willa Zandi ( ECOM Atlantic )

We have been using SpamSentinel for 2 years. This is our third product we have installed and used in our environment of 1600 Notes users for spam filtering, and WOW is it great. The product blocks spam with a minimal interaction. Administrators and users alike find it to be a no fuss product that really works. If you need support or have a question you get personal attention from a very knowledgeable staff.

Great Spam Control and Even Better Service
Bryan Jamison ( Schilli Transportation )

We run Domino with 300 users on an IBM Iseries and it was difficult finding a good spam solution for this. We have been using SpamSentinel for a few years now and it works great. You expect a spam solution to filter email well, but we were surprised at the level of support we got. They can provide remote support to help with any setup or configuration problems you may have. Every time I contact them I get fast personal service. We have a lot of vendors we deal with and Maysoft is by far the best. I would recommend this product just for quality of filtering it does, but when you add in the level of service, there's nothing better.

View profile for Peter Roest Nr 1 in Spam for Domino
Peter Roest ( Real Time Development )

I've been working with SS for quite some time now. Especially the support is superb. The software doesn't need much maintenance. When using Notes as mailsystem this is the app to buy.

Great app and great company behind it
Cesar Zavala ( Burgess Pigment Company )

We've had SpamSentinel for a long time now, and I've always liked this product and working with MayFlower. Their product has evolved and for us has always provided a great service. About the product, it's really good, it's one of the products I can not imagine without. It's very simple to install, to maintain, it does its job perfectly. Very easy to maintain, I literally haven't need to touch it for a long time! It just works. About the Company, it's really been a pleasure. Really everybody has been great, great customer service, and their support is really great. For us, the Company is really a model on how to provide support and service, they have been there when we needed. Specially at the beginning, when I wasn't sure on how things worked, they were there, Chris Rich and all are very proactive, always there, I haven't found another Company that provides better service in IT.

Amazing product, first class support
Frdric Rousseaux ( Info2000 )

SS is esay to install, doesn't need hands-on maintenance and does a outstanding job on spam filtering. When it comes to support (if ever needed)it'fast and remote control, no "tickets line", no excuses, just first class support right on the phone.

great product and great customer service
Tanya Gromova ( Exis Inc )

Our company has been using Spam Sentinel for several years. No complains, it works very well. It caches most of the spam. Our users also like Manage by Example feature. And of course, I should not forget to mention their customer service - it is amazing. Thank you for your product and for your support! Good job!

Top Notch Product with even better support!!
Dan Raposo ( Rite-Solutions, Inc. )

Spam Sentinel is an easy to use product and it has made my life a lot easier. It is powerful, feature rich and just works. Better yet, the support staff is easy to reach, unbelievably responsive and definitely knows their stuff. This is one of the best purchases we have ever made. No regrets at all.

Outstanding Product
Steve Brower ( Frank Parsons, Inc. )

It's not often one finds a product so useful which requires so little maintenance. I've used SpamSentinel since 2003 and I've had nothing but good experiences with the product and folks at Maysoft. I recommend it to anyone who has better things to do with their time than dealing with spam.

All product - 64 bit is GREAT!
Sergey ( RTSoft )

I'm install 64 bit version SS on Windows Server 2008 Standart 64 bit. In the course of installation has seen the message that for such version and a platform is not present SS Reporters. To reinstall all anew already there is no possibility, therefore has asked in support as it is possible to solve a problem? Nick McCann has explained that there is a possibility to receive Reporter with updating, but it is necessary that on a server has been established.NET Framework 3.5 SP1 - following its recommendations all has passed well and now we use 64 bit version which works even better!

Best Notes App I've ever seen
Knud Schroeder ( JK )

Nothin to say more... It just fulfills all our wishes. I never had a situation about Spam where SpamSentinel hadn't the solution. It's just a must have for all Notes users.

SpamSentinel user for many many years.
Michael Hendricks ( Kentucky Baptist Convention )

Our organization has used SpamSentinel for years now and it has proven to be our best weapon at fighting spam. We also added the anti-virus product a few years back and have been as pleased with its performance as we were with the cost savings over our previous anti-virus provider. The only thing I would like to add is that I wish I could rate the customer service higher than a 5 star . . . they are the best support staff of any company I work with!! High recommendations all around for Maysoft.

Unbeatable customer support
Dave Ortin ( Walworth County )

Another oustanding show of customer support Thanks to the team at Maysoft for making our Lotus Notes transition from an I-Series to an Intel platform seamless. No lost mail you guys and gals ROCK!! This company maintains the highest level of support. The product is amazing.

Love Spam Sentinel
Joe Collins ( Savannah River )

Started using Spam Sentinel about 1 month ago and love it, ease of use, ease of configuration, estimated man hour savings over 4 man hours a week saved. Users appreciate less spam in their in-box. GREAT product!!

It's nice not to think about spam.
Scott Hunter ( MidAmerica Neuroscience Institute )

As everyone, I'm too busy to worry about spam or my users complants about spam. When something works this well, why change. What's it been guys, 5 years now, or more. It's a great product and the people at MayFlower are nice to work with.

If you have Domino, you need Spam Sentinel
Charles Fregeau ( Rose Packing Company )

If you use a Lotus Domino mail server, you MUST get Spam Sentinel. We couldn't handle the load of spam we get daily without it. Spam Sentinel uses several different checks to weed out the spam at the server level before the end user even sees it. We've been using Spam Sentinel for several years now. As the spammers seek more sophisticated ways of making it past spam filters, Spam Sentinel has also been working on more sophisticated ways of ruining the spammer's day. And yet the time Spam Sentinel takes to check incoming messages is invisible to the users, even with the newest, most sophisticated versions.

Excellent product!
Kunal Ganguly ( Ashbrook Corporation )

The combination of the local protection and the hosted solution is excellent. This combined with the competitive pricing and great customer support makes this a very very good choice. I highly recommend this product for any domino shops out there.

Huge ROI
Tom Adkins ( Riverside Uniforms )

The returns on our Spam Sentinel investment continue to roll in daily. Our end users spend much less time cleaning out their inboxes each day. A quick look at a filtered report each morning is SO MUCH better than deleting 300 unwanted email messages. And the admin time required is negligible. On the rare occasion that we need help, the gang at Maysoft is unequaled in their friendliness, professional work ethic, and skill level.

No regrets that we selected this AntiSpam solution
Dave Bailey ( Imerys )

We've just passed the 6 year anniversary with this vendor with no regrets that we selected this AntiSpam solution. The product is great, and Mayflower's customer service and technical support is even greater. For the first 5 years we hosted this on our own servers and as of April 2010, we now send eMail for over 70 of our domains through their 'hosted service'. They filter out what we would have deleted anyway, and it's lightened the load on our servers, and reduced the bandwidth required for inbound SMTP. An excellent feature to flatten our the inbound mail which was growing geometrically!

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