Nice Words from Laura Black, a SpamSentinel Customer

I just wanted to take a moment and tell you about the outstanding customer service experience I just had with your technical support person Chris Rich. We have been having e-mail problems off and on for at least 2 months now and it recently reached a point where the application was literately crashing every day. Describing our email as spotty was an understatement at best. We thought that by upgrading our version of SpamSentinel, we might have some better luck with the application.

Within one hour of placing a phone call for assistance with the upgrade, Chris was available and begun the daunting task of trying to repair our application. This job was not only complicated by an older version of SpamSentinel, but by antiquated hardware, remnants of an old Notes network configuration, and a very old version software - namely LotusNotes5. Chris not only repaired the application but spent over 3 solid hours cleaning our LotusNotes configuration and giving our mail server a performance boost it desperately needed.

When I called your office at 5:00am AZ time with some additional issues, I was pleasantly surprised to get a hold of someone in your UK office who told me it was fine to call Chris on his cell phone. I immediately placed a call and Chris told me that within the hour he would be available to help.

He then spent another 3 and 1/2 hours cleaning and trouble shooting a second problem which clearly went beyond the realm of what he was required to do. Not once did he complain that it "wasn't his job" or leave me to try and figure the mess out by myself. I always felt completely confident in his ability and was grateful to have someone so dedicated to making sure I was completely satisfied with the way my application was working.

I'm happy to report that our e-mail is up and running and working better then it has been for months.

Thanks again for everything!


Laura Black
VP - I.T. Director

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