SpamSentinel Case Studies

The SpamSentinel Hosted Solution Eliminates
Walworth County’s Spam Worries
A Wisconsin County IT Group Boasts a Huge Reduction in Spam Using Limited Resources and Receives Exceptional Support for SpamSentinel

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Imerys Global IT Gets Rock-Solid Results from SpamSentinel
Case Study

Large installation of SpamSentinel across 6,000 users and 47 countries
is highly accurate, flexible, and simple to maintain.

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SpamSentinel Is the Anti-Spam Solution
That Keeps On Giving to The Salvation Army
A Large Installation Internationally
with a Quick Implementation and Proven Results

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SpamSentinel Testimonials

We believe in making you the hero
"SpamSentinel" is something only you know about. Your internal email users will never see a hint of it. If you pay for SpamSentinel, we never put our logo, our name, or any marketing messages in front of your users. And we'll certainly never contact them. They are yours and yours alone. Read the entire "What we believe" ....

"As I told you on the phone, the SpamSentinel is one of our favourite software we're using.

The easiest going software for admins I ever seen, and for endusers, too.

Maysoft did a great job!!

Thomas, Germany
"I am very happy with my purchase of SpamSentinel Server. We have roughly 75 employees at our agency and SpamSentinel captures over 10,000 spam emails or emails to invalid recipients every day! Our users noticed an immediate difference after installation, somewhere in the range of 80-90% spam emails removed. Many users sent me an email directly thanking me for finding this software.

Mayflower Software has been very responsive and keeps us informed of regular updates. In August, we noticed a technical issue with how the software handled emails to groups. I was put in contact with their lead developer who listened to the problem and incorporated the fix in the next update.

The best feature of this software is its accuracy rate. I was concerned about the software capturing real emails, but in testing I found a better than 99% accuracy rate. I have found zero false positives since the latest update which fixed our 'email to groups' issue. The only other issue I've had with the software is given the number of SPAMs caught, the Quarantine database takes a long time to open. Fortunately the reporting module will take care of that issue by sending a summary email to the users of their quarantined mail.

I encourage any Lotus Notes user interested in seriously reducing SPAM to try SpamSentinel."

Ken Pespisa
Senior Programmer
Lois Paul & Partners, LLC
A Fleishman-Hillard Company

"I have worked with Allison, Peter Bedford, Frank Paolino, Chris Rich, and Nick McCann at one time or another, and I have nothing but the highest praise for the way your company operates. I wish other software companies would take note of your customer service and expertise!

Thanks very much for all that you do, and I look forward to continuing to work with you all in the future. If I run into any problems I will give you a call or shoot an email to you in the process of our upgrade today."

Read the entire Customer Testimonial ...

"It has saved me a lot of time that I used to spend chasing down spam and creating word rules and filters. I rely on the software to stop spam, so I can worry about other IT issues now. Also, because I don't get any calls about enormous amounts of Spam, I have reduced my support costs."

Jon Scarantino
Senior Network/Telecom Analyst
Fidelity Information Services

"Having used your product for the past several years has made us a little complacent when it comes to Spam prevention. Your product has worked so well, we made the assumption all spam filters must work this well. Wrong assumption! After testing several leading competitors, from a Notes administrator's perspective, you guys got it right."

James A Eichorst, Wolverine Mutual Insurance Co.

"I have tried many of the "other" spam filtering packages out there, and have been disappointed by their failure to do what they advertise. Most of the other packages are made mostly for Exchange, and had pages upon pages of installation instructions. By far Spam Sentinel was the best. I downloaded the package, and had it up and running in about ten minutes, no need to build another server for relaying, no complicated installation. As a Lotus Administrator, I really like the ease of use of the package, and the end users ability to take control over their own inbox. I was sold on your product immediately. Good Job!"

Tim B.
Network and Systems Operations Engineer
Lincoln Foodservice Products

"Thanks! I don't know how big your company is but I can tell you that some of the big companies in the world could learn a thing or two about your great support service! "

Samuel Jonasson
Reykjavík, ICELAND

"My SpamSentinel trial stopped last Wednesday, and the amount of spam that we got skyrocketed! My boss has received so much spam (which he wasn't receiving during the 30 day trial) that he authorized me to purchase the product. I had tried a rules based product, which had 425 rules in place and took 1-3 hours of my time each week maintaining the content rules. SpamSentinel took no time at all during the trial. When my trial expired, I turned on my rules based filter again and I got 70-80 spam messages over the weekend, where I only got about 6 during the SpamSentinel trial. Content filters are such a pain in the a**!!! "

Kurt Tomicich
Manager of Information Systems
Flow Solutions, Inc

Yes, the software is functioning now and its doing a good job.

- Mike G.

Just want to take a moment of your time to acknowledge the great job Chris did for us yesterday.......

he's truly a professional......very knowledgeable......and real easy to work with.

It was refreshing to work with a support person of that caliber. Thank you for having him on your staff.


I have applied the "enhancements". Thanks for being so responsive and clear in your instructions. I truly appreciate it.


I was assisted today by Chris Rich in upgrading my SpamSentinel software, and I absolutely had to brag on this guys work.

He truly went above and beyond, he was very knowledgeable about domino and your product. He is a keeper. I have never received support on the level he provided.

He is my hero today.

Thanks again, Steve H.

It's been trapping about 3 to 4 thousand spams per day. I haven't had a chance to ask around about what people are (not) seeing. I know the mail.boxes are getting less junk.

- Steve S.


What a difference a day makes! My life is so much better now. Your product is amazing. I cannot believe the difference it has made in our system. Although Barb says it has not changed the percentage of CPU used at all. I can tell mail is routing faster, I do not have to down the router to get the stuck mail to go.!

Some of the users have noticed, we have not sent out a global email yet, we want to watch it for a few days and then let our Executive Committee know and then tell the world. I have had 3 people tell me they don't think they are getting all their mail.

As I understand it, all mail is checked, none is automatically deleted, so if someone calls and says they did not receive an email, I can check the Quarantine database, under their name and see if it is there, am I correct?

I am impressed and amazed, at Chris' patience, skills and knowledge in spending 5.5 hours on the phone with me on Tuesday to install, test and debug SpamSentinel. Everyone at Maysoft has always gone out of their way, to go above and beyond in providing exemplary customer service.

Thank you for your business integrity!
- Marcia C.

As we discussed earlier, our company successfully tried SpamSentinel Server version for last 3/4 days. We are happy with the way the it;s going. So I guess, it's time to purchase the license for the software. So when you get a chance please give me a call.

Chris Rich was great through out the process of trial. He really helped us understanding the product completely. Thanks Chris.

Best Regards, Ajay

I was able to download and install without any problems. Your software is complimenting my existing anti-spam server configuration that I already have and it is working out very well. Your software is picking up the spam that is very difficult to deal with. Me and the rest of my Admins team are extremely impressed!

- Richard P.

I wanted to send a quick note of praise for SpamSentinel's great work and your team's pleasant attitudes, efficient service, and premium technical support. When I first installed the software several months ago I ran into a problem with the installer not seeming to completely finish its task, so I ran it one more time to insure that the components were installed correctly.

Looking closely I found that it had indeed duplicated efforts and it was not working exactly the way it should have due to MY error. I called and immediately had the support I needed, and the expertise given to me walked me through the process without another hitch.

The immediate response, willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty, and intelligence shown in solving problems is what has made your company stand out in my mind as one of the premier software companies in the industry. That's just the truth!

I have worked with Allison, Peter Bedford, Frank Paolino, Chris Rich, and Nick McCann at one time or another, and I have nothing but the highest praise for the way your company operates. I wish other software companies would take note of your customer service and expertise!

SpamSentinel has indeed worked well for us. We were inundated with WAY too much spam daily. I was receiving about 200 per night and having to go through each one to make sure I didn't toss something out that was necessary. Now I am getting about 30 at most per night, and with the upgrade that we are installing today to Lotus Notes, we should cut even that number down.

Thanks very much for all that you do, and I look forward to continuing to work with you all in the future. If I run into any problems I will give you a call or shoot an email to you in the process of our upgrade today.

- Barry B.

SpamSentinel is working great, thanks.

- Mark R.

Chris is doing excellent with his service at Maysoft.

I have been working with Chris I believe since he started with Maysoft for our SpamSentinel needs and he has went above and beyond the call of duty to insure that our SpamSentinel is working correctly whenever we encounter problems.

Please consider Chris Rich a keeper at Maysoft.

Thank You... Eddie F.

How do i like it???? Oh my god it's a god send! My mailbox has been in use since '97 long before the days of the really nasty spammers and well before anyone knew it was best to keep your email address to yourself.

As a result my email has been around the block and then some, seems like spammer has it. I left for my honeymoon two weeks ago, in one weeks time I had nearly a 1000 emails 95% of which were spam of course. I get so tired of weeding through them to find my real mail.

Your product is working flawlessly the idea is brilliant and I just can't say enough about it. You've totally changed my mornings!!! Now i just run SpanSentinel and get to reading my actual emails instead of taking 5 to 10 mins every morning to sift through the spam, spelled C-R-A-P.

So I will be recommending this install to everyone at my company and we may even just get the server version. Keep up the outstanding work!!!

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Scott L.


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