Case Study
SpamSentinel Is the Anti-Spam Solution
That Keeps On Giving to The Salvation Army
A Large Installation Internationally
with a Quick Implementation and Proven Results

The Challenges
Previous negative experience – The Salvation Army tried two other anti-spam solutions, with poor results.
Need for one size to fit all – The Salvation Army needed one solution for all 50 countries in which it operates.
Quick implementation – Spam problems were increasing and needed to be addressed immediately.
Tough times – Limited budgets required a generous sponsor.
Minimal risk – Constant change demands a flexible anti-spam solution.

Company Background
The Salvation Army, an international religious and charitable movement, sought an accurate and easy-to-use anti-spam software solution for a low cost.

The Salvation Army User Configuration is:
  • 50,000 employees;
  • 30,000 computer users;
  • 50 countries.
With SpamSentinel, The Salvation Army is benefiting daily from highly
accurate blocking.

Previous Negative Experience
The Salvation Army found that SpamSentinel has a proven track record.

The Salvation Army had gone through the process of evaluating anti-spam software before but achieved poor results. It was important to the IT group to find a solution that was truly accurate. Previously, The Salvation Army used a plug-in solution for internal needs in conjunction with an
external anti-spam solution.

Gethin Owen, IT Operations Manager of The Salvation Army, stated, “We used both of these competitive solutions for several years with limited results before trying SpamSentinel.”

The Salvation Army chose SpamSentinel because it has a proven track record with other large, worldwide organizations that have similar requirements. MayFlower Software created SpamSentinel in 2003; it was one of the first native Lotus Notes and Domino anti-spam and virus solutions available.

Gethin Owen reports, “We met the MayFlower Software group at Lotusphere in January 2009. We decided to give SpamSentinel more serious consideration at that point. MayFlower Software offered us a free trial, which made a lot of sense to us.”
Need for One Size to Fit All
The Domino server solution is scalable for all 50 countries.

SpamSentinel Domino server gateways in London and Australia easily
scale to add or change country access while accurately managing spam.
The Salvation Army has two server gateways running SpamSentinel,
supporting 30,000 users in total.

Gethin Owen relates, “Back in 2004–2005, the Australia office used SpamSentinel with great success on their own for 1,200 users. To the Australia office’s dismay, they had to discontinue SpamSentinel for budget reasons. Fast forward to 2008, when we were seeking an overall spam solution, the Australia office highly recommended SpamSentinel and offered to setup a trial. We had great success with the trial, so we made the decision to implement SpamSentinel in Australia and London. Our longer-term goal is to fold in the US locations. SpamSentinel gives us the flexibility to quickly add new locations without a long implementation.”

Quick Implementation
A ten minute installation program.

When The Salvation Army was ready to implement SpamSentinel, the MayFlower support team completed the installation in an easy, screen sharing process.

Gethin Owen says, “We arranged for a telephone conference
call with SpamSentinel technical support to walk us through the gateway installation. It only took us one day to get everything running. It was a simple and straightforward implementation.”

The Salvation Army reports that, after the simple implementation, it has continued to get superior service from the SpamSentinel support team. The SpamSentinel support team is quick to respond to any of the IT group’s email questions.

The Results
After Implementation of SpamSentinel’s Server Solution

Previous negative experience — The Salvation Army found that SpamSentinel has a proven track record.
Need for one size to fit all — The Domino server solution is scalable for all 50 countries.
Quick implementation — A ten minute installation program.
Tough times — MayFlower Software donated SpamSentinel.
Minimal risk — SpamSentinel is low maintenance and adapts to changing business needs.

Tough Times
MayFlower Software donated SpamSentinel.

The Salvation Army IT group required a best-of-breed solution for its anti-spam solution globally, but budgets are tight across The Salvation Army. Finding a comprehensive solution for anti-spam software seemed improbable. The reality was that the IT group needed to find a provider that was willing to subsidize its anti-spam initiative.

Gethin Owen states, “Finding a good solution and a company willing to subsidize seemed like looking for a needle in a haystack. We were thrilled MayFlower Software donated their anti-spam solution because they were at the top of our list for a solution.”

Frank Paolino, President of MayFlower Software, made the decision to support The Salvation Army because he believes it is the right corporate mission for his company.

Frank Paolino relates, “I personally have been a long-time supporter of The Salvation Army. My family and I are out there each holiday season ringing the bells. It made perfect sense for our corporation to give back to such a worthy cause by donating SpamSentinel.”

Minimal Risk
SpamSentinel is low maintenance and adapts to changing business needs.

Minimizing risk is key to the IT group at The Salvation Army. Like many other organizations, it has seen software solutions make empty promises of easy maintenance, excellent results, and
flexibility. Whether the anti-spam solution was donated or not, the IT group needed to minimize corporate risk because it has limited resources to support the anti-spam solution and must enable flexible international growth.

Gethin Owen reports, “We have only two email administrators running SpamSentinel for 30,000 users. We barely have to touch it. It is straightforward to run with no mystery behind it.”

The Salvation Army has found that being able to add SpamSentinel in new locations via the server solution perfectly meets its international expansion needs. In the next six months, it will add the US locations without needing to change the number of email administrators or the major host.
The Bottom Line
The Salvation Army has found SpamSentinel to be a great match for its large user base, international requirements, resource limitations, and need for anti-spam accuracy. Meeting all these requirements certainly seems right from a business perspective. But does SpamSentinel give The Salvation Army a real ROI for the time and effort?

The ROI message The Salvation Army has to tell is one of staff productivity and the elimination of unnecessary anti-spam support calls to IT. For example, if a user gets 100 emails a day and even 10% of those emails are spam, the user is wasting about 10 minutes a day sorting through spam. If 30,000 users spend 10 minutes daily on spam, over 5,000 hours of company time are wasted each day. Although most organizations cannot track these staff efficiency numbers, this back-of-the-envelope analysis is still a powerful story for The Salvation Army.

About SpamSentinel
SpamSentinel is a native Lotus Notes and Domino anti-spam/anti-virus solution. It uses a dual-engine technology to block 99.6%+ spam accurately with almost NO administration. SpamSentinel blocks 99.6%+ of spam by using a community of over 10 million people in 160 countries who work together to block spam combined
with an advanced reputation engine. Both engines are updated continually, in real time, resulting in excellent blocking with almost no administration effort. There are NO rules to configure, NO lists to manage, and NO blocking via subject, content, or word.

SpamSentinel offers the same great product delivered three ways. Customers can mix and match to fit their individual requirements — with no added fees. SpamSentinel is offered as a native Lotus Notes and Domino server version, a hosted service option that requires an MX redirect and a Notes Client version. The hosted version is platform independent. SpamSentinel has the added option to include traditional anti-virus protection for
inbound email.

About MayFlower Software
MayFlower Software, located near Boston, MA, is a leader in solutions to combat spam and viruses. With over 25 years of experience behind us, we focus on our SpamSentinel solution to help companies reduce spam via our dual-engine technology.

MayFlower Software received a Beacon Award for Sentinel Data Integrator in 1995. Our philosophy is to offer the very best spam protection with the lowest false positive rate and the lowest administration along with the very best support possible. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied.

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