How to Avoid the Postini Transition to Google Apps

Are you dissatisfied with Postini being shut down?

Postini End-Of-Life
Due to the recent changes at Postini, we would like to offer any Postini customer the ability to move to SpamSentinel.
Call us to walk you through our 10 minutes installation process. 1-978-635-1700. See for yourself how attentive and responsive our support staff is. Immediately benefit from SpamSentinel's highly accurate results.

SpamSentinel offers many options - a Hosted service via MX redirect, an on-premise Domino server version or Exchange version. SpamSentinel offers highly accurate results with very low administration as well as an end user tool called Manage by Example (MBE) for self-management of suspect messages and newsletter control.

Here are some of the many reasons customer choose SpamSentinel:

1) Highly accurate results due to our dual-engine solution.

2) "It Just Works" - very low, if any administration to maintain accuracy. No rules to configure, No lists to manage, No blocking via content, subject or word.

3) End user self-management of suspect messages via our Manage by Example (MBE) end user tool for Domino customers and selected Exchange users ( Exchange provides some of these options as built in to work with our SpamSentinel)

4) Auto-updates and monitoring of the server(s) running SpamSentinel
if on-premise solution
5) Exceptional service and support

6) No additional hardware or software required
7) Exceptional track record for accuracy - read reviews by customers via LinkedIn for verification:

JustForDomino Review Website

Google announced recently that after
November 1st 2014 there will be shutting down their Postini services. To clarify, this is not a rebranding of Postini; this is an announcement of the end-of-life of the Postini infrastructure and services. All Postini customers MUST migrate off of Postini systems.

The Postini Transition Team is doing their best to convert you to Google Apps, and Google states that you will receive comparable email security, protection, and archiving, but through the more robust Google Apps platform. Google is recommending that customers transition to Google Apps – a completely new service and infrastructure. With that option, enterprise customers get: No Automated Migration, Fewer Features than Postini, and Less Overall Protection

SpamSentinel Hosted Service

SpamSentinel for Exchange

SpamSentinel for Domino
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