Getting Started

How do you "speak with one voice"?

Implement official responses to common questions.
Department managers approve all outbound messages
Review all messages to ensure they are complete, "on message" and aesthetically pleasing
Use our "OneVoice" application with your email to allow one-click access to approved messaging content.
Insist that all outbound emails stay "on-message".

Will your users use this? Our experience proves that they absolutely will. It saves them time and they know they will remain "on message", a key part of "speaking with one voice".

In fact, all disciplines, including Sales, Support, Engineering, IT, Legal, Marketing and Customer Service all benefit from our unique "Speaking with One Voice" approach. If you say anything to the outside worlds more than three times a year, it needs to be standardized, approved and shared with the entire organization.

Speaking with One Voice also means more complete replies will be sent out of your email.

One Voice:
1. Shared repository of Official Corporate Responses to Everyday Questions
2. Complete Responses that Allow Every Response to be Excellent
3. Users Stay "On Message"
4. Replies are Quick
5. Ease of Use means Users Prefer the Corporate Response over re-writing the same answer
6. Replies can contain graphics, rich text, tables and any attachments needed to help reply in One Voice

How Do We Help Your Organization to Get Started?

Start with our "Getting Started" Package, which guarantees a successful implementation.

1. Review Meeting We schedule a one hour review to with a OneVoice consultant who will review your email communication patterns with you and help you define "best practices" for outbound communications.

2. Identification of Messaging We take those identified email messages and review them with your marketing department to create separate re-usable message concepts that are consistent with your corporate mission.

3. Build the Repository We then start the process of building the Corporate Repository with these messages.

4. Train User Champions We work with 3-5 users to have them take the lead in using our methodology in everyday communications.

Our methodology is guaranteed. When we are done, you will have control of your outbound communications and you will be satisfied with the higher quality messaging that fully supports your corporate mission.

Getting Started Package:

1. Review Meeting

2. Identification of Messaging

3. Build the Repository

4. Train User Champions

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