25 Years in Business !!!

A letter from the founder of MayFlower Software
MayFlower has just finished 25 years in business. Wow!

The industry has changed over 25 years - from DOS and stand-alone PCs with 256K or RAM to Windows and the Internet and my desktop today with 4 Gigabytes of RAM (10,000 times as much) to Windows Vista and Plug and Play.

Software development has improved greatly too. We still don't make software that is easy enough, but we are getting there.

Over the years, we have developed 22 products, about one per year. Some have done better than others in the marketplace, but they all worked well. That is the underlying theme of all of our products. They work well at a fair price.

100 Years ago, Collis Huntington, the founder of the Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company said the following:

" We shall build good ships here.
At a profit - if we can.
At a loss - if we must.
But always good ships. "

I have this saying hanging in my office, to remind me every day that good software is the key. We develop good software here. We make money when we can, but we always make good software.

I hope my letter in 25 years finds us building software that builds software. Then we will have really created something powerful.

Product Milestones

1985 Collections Software

1987 Help Desk

1988 Contact Manager

1990 Complaint Tracking

1991 Lotus Notes v2

1993 Sentinel for OS/2

1994 Sentinel for Windows

1995 Sentinel Beacon Award Winner

1996 InfoScout

1998 @Your Service

1999 SpeedForm

2000 InTouch

2001 Sentinel for AS/400

2002 DocViewer

2002 Notes Reporting

2003 SpamSentinel

2004 SpamSentinel Server Version

2005 SpamSentinel AV

2006 SpamSentinel v7

2007 SpamSentinel Duo

2008 Hosted SpamSentinel

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