Our approach to Phishing, Fakes and Fraud is different. We identify the good mail for you.

We utilize 12 different factors to determine Sender Identity to allow you to safely open a mail message.

SpamSentinel for Exchange

Sender Identity

We explore your network of contacts to discover your sender list. This allows us to Greenlight known senders.

Knowing if the Sender is in your network helps reduce Fraud and Phishing attempts, who pretend to be in your network but are not.

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SpamSentinel for Exchange

Verified Senders

We have things like our "Verified Sender" list, which includes companies like:

Fedex, DHL, UPS, PayPal, Amazon, DocuSign, eFax, RingCentral, HSBC Bank, BankofAmerica, Wells Fargo, Sam's Club, CostCo, USPS, CitiBank, Chase Bank, ADP
(and many many others)

When they send you a mail message, we mark it with a Green Checkmark, meaning it is safe to open.

Messages that pretend to be from these same senders, but are fakes, are tagged with our "Possible Phishing" warning.

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