2ndLook Security

We Protect Your Email

We Utilize Sender Identity to Find the Good Mail

Our proprietary technology goes beyone stopping spam and malware. Many email security vendors try to identify the bad mail. But they miss so many bad messages that you never know if they can open a message or not. This is a never ending problem.

Our approach is different. We identify the good mail for you.

We utilize 27 different factors to determine Sender Identity to allow you to safely open a mail message.

SpamSentinel for Exchange

Sender Identity

We explore your network of contacts to discover your sender list. This allows us to Greenlight known senders.

Knowing if the Sender is in your network helps reduce Fraud and Phishing attempts, who pretend to be in your network but are not.

SpamSentinel for Exchange

Safe Senders

We have things like our "Safe Sender" list, which includes companies like:

Fedex, DHL, UPS, PayPal, Amazon, DocuSign, eFax, RingCentral, HSBC Bank, BankofAmerica, Wells Fargo, Sam's Club, CostCo, USPS, CitiBank, Chase Bank, ADP
(and many many others)

When they send you a mail message, we mark it with a Greenlight, meaning it is safe to open.

We call this proprietary technology: 2ndLook Security Predictive Technology

As 2ndLook checks your messages, it looks at existing "electronic" relationships. Those people you know are flagged as "known" senders and also flagged with a Greenlight.

But what about Spam and Malware? This is the easy part. These are bad and flagged with a RedLight.

Any message whose Sender Identity cannot be confirmed is flagged with a YellowLight. That means "proceed with caution" and do not trust the message because the Sender cannot be verified.

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