About Maysoft.com

Maysoft has been in the email anti-spam business since 2002.

Over those years, we have learned a lot about email and how important it is to our customers and their users to have a clean, uncluttered inbox. Every product we make relates to email security and uncluttering the Inbox.

What are our Core Strengths?

We have built a reputation for being excellent in all of these areas as it relates to email:

  • Product Engineering: SpamSentinel, our flagship technology, has run on tens of thousands of servers supporting millions of users over the years. Reliability is critical to our customers having confidence installing our product on their servers, and it is something we take very seriously.

  • High Block Rates with No False Positives: We want your Inbox to be clean. When we miss a spam message, it wastes your user's time, and we don't like that. We are aggressive in blocking messages and use a variety of techniques to avoid false positives. Because you don't have time for delays..

  • On-Demand Support: We answer the phone during business hours, and respond to emails within an hour. We know that you cannot wait if there are email problems..

Get to Know Us by Name

Everyone has their "favorite" support person or contact person. It is OK to call them directly or email them directly. Relationships are important, and we build long lasting customer relationships. Just to be sure you reach us always cc: support@maysoft.com - this will ensure our team gets your request.

Our Business Address

Maysoft.com, Inc. is a business incorporated in the state of California, USA.
Our mailing address is: 1727 Santa Barbara Street, Santa Barbara, California, 93101.
Our phone number is 978.635.1700
Email can be sent to: support@maysoft.com

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( domino-web.maysoft.com )