SpamSentinel Hosted Cloud Offering

Hosted SpamSentinel

MX redirect to our Cloud Servers.

Stopping spam and viruses via our Cloud offering via an MX Redirect.  Our combination of great products and great support guarantees clean email. Combined with our MacroKiller software, you will not have to worry about CryptoLocker viruses infections from Word and Excel macro viruses.

SpamSentinel Hosted MX Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus solution is platform independent and can filter for any messaging system.  Simply pointing your domains mx records will filter 99.6% percent of your Spam and all of your viruses.
SpamSentinel Hosted MX also includes our business continuity service which spools your mail if your on-premise mail servers are ever down for an extended period of time.
So many companies try to be all things to all people. Not us. At Maysoft, all we do is corporate and government email. We are specialists working with large corporations, small business, government offices, cities, states and universities.
After payroll, email is your most important business system. As an email administrator, you worry about three things when it comes to spam filtering:

1. False Positives which disrupt ordinary business flows
2. Missed Spam 
which clutters users' mailboxes
3. Service Uptime
: You cannot afford to have mail interruptions
What is it like working with us?
Call us! That's it! If there is an urgent problem, you can call us and you will be put on the phone with an engineer immediately and includes weekends. Your corporate mail delivery is so important to us that we give you our cell phones on weekends. No one else does that because our difference is service and support.
If we block a real message, we will examine the problem and fix it. The same thing is true If we allow a spam message to be delivered. You will get to know us by name and you can call and ask for whomever you prefer to work with. 

Dealing with "Quarantines"
Best practices with most commodity spam protection services are not the best, and actually they are not even very good. Most companies require you to manage passwords for users to check a remote quarantine, or send a daily report of blocked spam. What a pain in the neck! 
We send 4 out of every 100 messages that we block to the user's Junk folder for examination, and if it is a good message, they can drag it to their Inbox. It is real-time and extremely simple.

If you like this approach, a combination of a great spam filter and unbelievable customer support, you should really consider running a 15 day trial to see how well the product works and how well our team works with you.

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