Not Sure if you should open a mail message?

Get a Second Opinion with 2ndLook Security

Double checks for spam, viruses, malware and phishing! Even if you have a spam filter, you know you get missed spam, malware and phishing. 2ndLook Security lets you ask "Is this safe???" right in Office 365 or Outlook.
And it is more reliable than your co-workers.

2ndLook Sidebar
2ndLook Sidebar

"Is this message safe?" Ask the Experts by clicking the "2ndLook" button right in your Office365 Sidebar and get an instant answer.

Red Light

Known Spam, Viruses and Malware.
Do NOT Open Messages or Attachments.

Yellow Light

Unverified Sender
Use Caution Opening Messages, avoid links and attachments

Green Light

Known Trusted Senders
OK to Open Message

How Do We Do All of that?

You will have to try it to see for yourself! After 20 years of email protection, we have figured out great ways to solve difficult problems.

Try it out! You can test it for one user, a dozen of users for 15 days. You will be so pleased with the results that you will want to share it with everybody before the trial ends.

All trials are initiated via email. Send an email to our head of sales Allison Cote
Tell us a bit about your environment and main issues you are facing.

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