Not Sure if an Email is Phishing?
Get a Second Opinion with 2ndLook Security

2ndLook provides "Red Flag Warnings" for suspicious messages, and detects Fraud. 2ndLook Security lets you ask "Is this safe?" right in Office 365 or Outlook, and offers remedial training right in the Inbox. And it is more reliable than your co-workers.

2ndLook Security is both a Training Tool and an Anti-Spam and Anti-Fraud assistant.

2ndLook Security Training Reinforcement

2ndLook instills daily security awareness to keep security front-and-center and help to prevent a user from being the entry point for a costly and distruptive network attack.

2ndLook provides users daily security awareness while providing insight into potential risks in each email.

Watch a 60 second Training Lesson to see how we train and reinforce training right in the user mailbox.

2ndLook Security Training Tool in Action

Watch two different videos presented to the user to help them explain the dangers of a "Red Flag" warning and reinforce training right in the users mailbox and while they are reading their email.

EXTERNAL Sender Warning

Email Users see a quick 15 second training/reinforcement in the O365 sidebar to review what they should know about Email Security concerning external senders andw why they are potentially dangerous

Deep Dive into External Senders

Why are EXTERNAL Senders potentially dangerous? Watch a 60 second training that 2ndLook provides to reinforce user training as email messages are being read.

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